Louisiana Geographic Information Systems Council


The LGISC is composed of representatives from Louisiana state government agencies and several local, regional and federal organizations that operate in Louisiana. Formed in 1995 through an act of the Legislature, the Council provides an avenue for GIS professionals to share information with each other and to prevent duplication of effort on shared goals and objectives. The Council regularly hosts discussions and presentations on improved techniques in data development and delivery systems, as well as offering a path for data acquisition and exchange between partnering agencies. Additionally, the Council promotes the use of GIS and ongoing educational opportunities.

Louisiana is a diverse state and geographic information systems play a significant role in how we manage our natural and cultural resources.  Our State also faces many challenges associated with these same resources. Disasters such as hurricanes and oil spills are a looming threat to our State and GIS continues to provide effective ways for managing these events and protecting our people, infrastructure, and delicate ecosystems.

The LGISC meets regularly, typically the third Thursday of each month. This is our avenue for sharing our work, learning about how our colleagues use GIS, and discussing ongoing and future concerns of GIS professionals in Louisiana and nationwide. Our meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to join us if you wish to learn more about GIS and the tools it offers us to better serve our great State.

A brief presentation about the LGISC can be viewed by clicking here.